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Consumer Marketing Solutions is a leading provider of audience development services for major magazine publishers, marketers and charitable organizations. Our programs are designed to extend the reach and influence of your brands while growing the size and quality of your customer database.

We engaged over 130 million readers in 2015.


We deliver national and regional magazines to highly targeted public place locations and audiences, such as beauty salons, fitness centers, doctor’s waiting rooms, and more. Whether thumbing through the latest travel magazine in the lobby of a hotel or gaining access to a niche hobbyist publication, we ensure recipients have a strong affinity for the content of each publication.

  • Verified public place subscriptions are proven to reach a large number of highly engaged readers; 80% of adults have read a magazine outside of the home in the last month and seek out their favorite magazines when visiting a public place.*
  • Public place magazines generate an average of 19 readers per copy*, allowing you to reach larger audiences and offer increased advertiser value - without increasing circulation costs.
  • Firm compliance with AAM to develop methodologies for meeting opt-out, consecutive issue, and program approval requirements.
  • Some of our publishing partners include Conde Nast, Hearst, and Dow Jones.

We understand your market and grow with your audience.

*According to GfK MRI consumer data in 2015. GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer® is the industry standard for magazine audience ratings in the U.S. and is used in the majority of media and marketing plans in the country.


Consumer Marketing Solutions maintains a proprietary database that was built around a unique combination consumer interests, US Census data and public place locations. Our internal research and proprietary knowledge allows for precision targeting based on outlet characteristics and geo-demographics. The results are the development of a vast and uniquely new audience for our clients.

  • The CMS “Best Reader Model” is our approach to tease out the unique traits of your existing customer files and overlay these across our extensive prospect pool, ensuring a list that closely resembles the characteristics your current subscriber base.
  • We partner with leading information service companies
 such as MRI, Experian's Mosaic, Fortune 100 and PRIZM in addition to US Census and SIC data.
  • De-duplication software to provide maximum efficient coverage.
  • Frequent mailings allow us to monitor audience effects and update our database on an on-going basis.
  • Highest level of postal compliance: 99% plus.

We’ve developed the industry’s largest and highest quality database of potential customers.


At CMS, we are experienced in proven modeling based on traditional data sources and hungry for new customer insights and analytics. We are backed by an exceptional team and extensive software to ensure your project will be overseen with highest level of service and attention to detail.

  • Our hands-on approach with our data provides a greater insight and flexibility in scheduling that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Industry-leading turnaround to meet information, planning and fulfillment needs.
  • Customer service website allowing waiting room clients to customize their magazine selection.
  • We are the only public place specialist that provides internal fulfillment using the most up-to-date industry software.
  • Our database is 25% larger. The benefit of the larger database is more unique locations.
  • CMS does not charge for the required AAM postcard.
  • CMS pays for postal electronic returns and replaces all names at no additional charge. Our fee is all-inclusive with no hidden charges.
  • CMS will build a “Best Reader” regression model, based on current membership files and desired demographics at no cost. The goal will be to target those zip codes where there is the highest potential of attracting new readers.


Whether it is a wellness client that should want to distribute within Whole Foods trade areas or a lifestyle mailer targeting the trade areas of a specific high-end clothing store, we have the tools to place it where you want. Categories for public place locations include:

Each of these sectors can be further segmented to ensure your database is the best reflection of your title's natural appeal.


Meet the team

Harold Buckley

Vice President of CMS Circulation

Harold has over 30 years in the publishing business. He has consulted or been in a senior magazine marketing position with some of the largest publishing companies in the industry including Newsweek, Condé Nast, American Media, ABC Publishing, CMP Media just to name a few. In 2003 he co-founded Consumer Marketing Solutions the leading provider of Verified Circulation to the magazine industry. Harold attended St. John’s University.

Enjoys: Golf, Bicycling and enjoying time with his grandson.

Christopher Jones

Data Analyst

Chris started his career in publishing with Time Warner as Manager of Fulfillment and Warehousing for their book division for 4 years. Next he joined Applied Interactive Media (AIM), as Director of Fulfillment Operations. Three years later he joined enews.com, the largest online marketer of magazines, as Senior Director of Fulfillment Operations. After 3 years working in the height of the .com boom, Chris co-founded Consumer Marketing Solutions (CMS) in 2003. Chris has a BA in Public Policy from the University of Buffalo.

Enjoys: All things tech, cooking and the challenge of fixing almost anything.


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